Important letter plus teacher assembly

19 Jul

Please see below a letter that has been circulated to all families. The letter highlights that on Tuesday at 3pm we will be holding a goodbye assembly for staff who are leaving (parents are welcome to attend). If the weather remains the same we aim to do this outside on the shaded part of the field (if there is poor weather it will take place in the hall).

Here is the letter:

Dear Parents/Carers,

                                 As we approach the end of term I thought I’d take this opportunity to write to you one final time before we break up on Tuesday. I have been hugely impressed by the children this year and their thirst for learning – this year has seen us take that first step in building on the success of Park Hill and moving the school in a new and exciting direction. Our children have so much potential; they are well behaved, conscientious and eager to learn and I truly believe that they have further potential that we can tap in to.


It is also important that I mention the wonderful staff of the school – throughout this year they have been dedicated, hard working and extremely committed and I am very grateful for their superb work and support. We are currently in a period of transition with a number of staff gaining promotion, retiring, relocating and moving on to new challenges. As I have previously mentioned in writing to you; staffing at primary schools periodically goes through states of transition – typically this is every five to seven years however Park Hill has been very fortunate in having a stable staff for the past fifteen years. In the past week Mrs Mesnard has gained a new position at BalsallPrimary School where she will take on the role of SEN TA. Mrs Bassett, who has served the school brilliantly for a number of years, will also be leaving us although this will not be until October half term. I would like to thank all of our departing staff for their excellent service to Park Hill and invite you to an assembly at 3pm on Tuesday 23rd of July where we will take the opportunity to say goodbye.


Next year promises to be a very exciting one for the school with a number of new initiatives being introduced. Below is a sample of what is planned:

  • A new behaviour policy – this is something that we have been working very hard on over the last three months. The new policy aims to provide further consistency in how all behaviour is dealt with across the school with the focus placed on encouraging pupils to be reflective about how they have behaved. We firmly believe in giving children the key tools to understand their behaviour and get to the root cause of why it has occurred. In September I will write to you again with further details of the policy.
  • A comprehensive induction process will be put in place for all new staff. The key focus of this process will be in ensuring that the talented staff we have recruited have a clear understanding of the high standards at Park Hill.
  • Coaching will be introduced across the school for staff – this will enable us to grow our practice and work towards the school vision of providing  genuinely outstanding learning experiences for the children.
  • A new reward system has been developed by Mrs Parashar and Mrs Tarry. The new system has two parts; the first part is centred around rewarding children specifically for key learning skills and is based around ‘Secrets of Success’ by Chris Quigley. The second part will specifically tie in with the new behaviour policy and will be based around CARROT tokens (Courtesy And Respect Reward



Orange Token). CARROT tokens will be given for exemplary behaviour that goes above and beyond of what is expected e.g. holding a door open, smiling and saying hello to a visitor in school, picking up litter that was not dropped by the child etc. All staff members and visitors to the school will be given CARROT tokens to hand out for exemplary behaviour – these tokens will then be collected by each class to work towards specific rewards e.g. extra playtime, a learning afternoon of the pupils choice and in the ultimate case the class will have the opportunity to earn £20 per term towards wet play equipment.

  • We plan to run a number of learning workshops next year at 3pm. Initially the workshops will be focussed on Maths and they will provide parents with the opportunity to come into a lesson and learn with their child. We are excited about this and believe that it will be an excellent opportunity for parents to gain a key understanding of how Maths is taught today.
  • Each class will have a blog and will post what they have been learning about along with examples of excellent work. This will give you an opportunity to gain a key insight into the daily life of your child. A period of staff training is required for this and we envisage all classes officially launching their blogs after October half term although some may come sooner!


I am pleased to announce that this year the school achieved our best SATs results in the past five years. They are:


Reading – 95% L4+, 69% L5+ and 3% L6

Maths – 97% L4+, 62% L5+ and 16% L6

SPAG – 89% L4+, 57% L5 and no L6.


I have been enormously impressed with Y6 this year – they are a talented bunch but above all else they are lovely children and we are proud that they carry our name in to secondary school.


This year has really flown by and I have enjoyed every minute of life at Park Hill – it really is a fantastic school and a wonderful community. I would like to thank you for your support because it really has been a huge help and made a difference. We have carried out a number of surveys over the past few months and your feedback is very much appreciated. As a school we strive to make the right decisions and consistently improve the outcomes for our children yet we are open to the fact that we sometimes get things wrong and in these cases we will always seek out parental feedback.


Thank you very much for your support and I hope you have a fantastic and relaxing summer. See you next term!


Kind regards




Steve Taylor


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