Improvements made…

02 Oct

Today we welcomed our EIA (Educational Improvement Advisor) Andy McDowall to help us carry out self evaluation of the school with a particular focus on changes we have made to our practice in the past year and their impacts. Andy visits school once a term and his remit is to provide challenge and guidance in moving the school forward. During his visit today he was given a tour of the school by three of our leadership team (Abi Beddow, Ryan Lawrence and Hazel Phillips) – within the tour the SLT members articulated the vision of the school and what they felt had worked in the changes made and where we could improve further. I am pleased to say that Andy felt the learning environment in classrooms and around the school had ‘improved significantly’ whilst he also commented on positive improvements in the level of consistency of systems (behaviour and reward in particular) across the school. The second part of the morning was focused on how to take a ‘good’ school and make it ‘outstanding’. This work will form a key part of our drive over the next few years.

I am very proud of the hard work and commitment shown by all staff in the past year – it has really been a collective team effort. I would also like to thank the team this year because the level of energy and drive shown by the staff to improve the school has been tremendous. There is a buzz in school and a real passion – I truly believe that we are at the start of something very special with a hugely talented team.

Andy arrived in school at 8:40am this morning so unfortunately I was unable to be on the gate. Tomorrow I am out of school at a HT partnership meeting and will not be on the gate – I will be back there on Friday morning. If you have any issues, no matter how small, then please make an appointment to see me or mention them to Mrs Bailey.

Many thanks for your support.

Steve Taylor

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