27 Mar

Dear Parents or Carers,

Thank you for your patience in awaiting the publication of our OFSTED report – I know that many of you have been keen to know the outcome. You can now view the final report here: OFSTED 2014

I am incredibly proud of the report because I feel it is a fair and accurate reflection of the school and where we currently are. As you will see in the report it acknowledges that we have a wonderful group of children who have massive potential – throughout the inspection they were themselves, nothing more and nothing less. I feel passionately that our children offer so much and I am delighted that OFSTED recognised this. I am also delighted that the inspection team acknowledged the high level that our staff perform at – from the office team, to the cleaners, to the lunch time staff, to the caretaker, to the TAs, to the teachers and the senior leadership team – they all operate at a very high and consistent level. It is an absolute pleasure to lead such a wonderful and talented group of people.

As you will see in the report, there are many strengths including:

  • The Learning Logs and Layered Learning.
  • The quality of marking and feedback and how children respond.
  • The work of phase leaders in raising standards.

Our one area for improvement is phonics – the team felt that whilst we achieve good results in this area and children make progress we could innovate further. We are happy to take this on board and I have now set us the challenge of delivering truly world class phonics within two years. We will travel the country to find the most innovative approaches and implement these strategies in to our teaching.

Finally, I would like to thank you all for your support. We had 62 responses on Parent View and a number of parents wrote in personally to the lead inspector. Please rest assured that OFSTED is the first step on a journey for us and not the end point – the work starts here and we are excited about what the future has to offer for our school.

Yours sincerely

Steve Taylor

Head Teacher

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