IMPORTANT – additional teacher day added

24 Jun


Dear Parent or Carer,

As you will be aware, we have already set our teacher training days for the academic year 2014/15. The dates are: 1st September 2014, 24th October 2014, 5th January 2015, 20th July 2015 and the 21st July 2015.


Due to the nature of the expansion project we will have internal restructuring of the school take place throughout the summer holidays which will mean that we need to pack up large areas of the school for builders to be able to access key areas. This will be sufficient in terms of packing away but because we are not allowed to access the site at all over the entire summer it does cause us a problem when we start back in terms of getting the building ready in only a day. Consequently I have successfully requested an additional teacher day for the 2nd September 2014 – this means that we will have two full working days to ensure the school is at its best ready for the children starting back on Wednesday 3rd September.


The expansion project is progressing successfully and is due for completion by February 2015. Should you wish to see a visual update of the progress made then please visit



Thanks for your understanding,







Steve Taylor

Head Teacher

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