The end of the week…

17 Oct

Dear Parents/Carers,

So far this term we have launched a number of new initiatives for the children including ‘Language for Learning’. Today Tony Aston and Dominic Kerr (two of our school Governors) visited to see how this is being used by the children. The Governors and I are pleased at the start that has been made and how articulate our children are in relation to their learning – if you have the opportunity please ask your child about how their learning was today and whether they were ‘sinking’, ‘treading water’ or ‘swimming’. The next stage of this process is helping the children to understand that it is ok to be ‘sinking’ as long as you understand why and what you need to do next to help you improve. This strategy ultimately links in with a ‘Growth Mindset’ which is explained below.

fixed v growth

The other initiative that has been introduced is the enhanced use of Twitter to showcase children’s learning. If you would like to know more about this concept then please feel free to drop in to a workshop held on Tuesday evening during parents evening. Workshops will be held at 4pm, 4:30pm, 5pm. 5:30pm, 6pm and 6:30pm and will focus on how to use Twitter – a top tips booklet will also be available. If you are confident on Twitter then you may wish to follow @ParkHillPrimary @ParkHillEYFS @ParkHillLower @ParkHillMiddle @ParkhillUpper or if you’d like to see the breadth of learning across the school you can search for #ParkHillPrimary.

We have now fixed our class assembly dates and they are displayed on this blog in the tab ‘class assemblies’.

As we move towards November we are moving into the period where germs and colds are easily spread amongst the children. Within school we are encouraging children to wash their hands thoroughly and to take care not to pass germs on. I would like to especially highlight our school policy for sickness bugs – if your child has been sick then please ensure they are off for 48 hours from the last time they were sick. This approach helps us to minimise the impact of sickness bugs being spread across school.

Finally, I’d like to finish on a real positive, I have been really impressed with the children’s hunger and enthusiasm for learning across the school. I am very proud to see so many of our children who are self motivated to learn – this is our end goal – children who are aware of how they learn and have a real thirst for learning.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for your support.

Steve Taylor


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