Science Project

27 Feb

This week Mrs McBride has launched a science project across school which coincides with national science week and is linked to an initiative run by Warwick University. All children in KS1 and KS2 have the opportunity to participate in the project as a homework activity – this will not be an additional homework because it is something that children may choose to do instead of their normal homework. To ensure that we are catering for all children we will give out homework as normal and it is then the child’s decision about which one they would like to complete. This is also the case for Learning Logs – if a child decides to spend the next week completing the science homework then there is no expectation for them to complete their Learning Log unless they expressly wish to do so. There is no compulsion to complete the science project but we would love as many children as possible to have a go and be inspired by this project.

The science project is an exciting concept whereby children either have to:

  • invent an item to solve a problem (these could be as creative as possible).
  • plan and carry out an investigation e.g. they could investigate how much washing up liquid makes the perfect bubbles or they could investigate the the effect mentos have on coke, diet coke, coke zero etc.
  • write up a research project.

The aim is to inspire the children to investigate something which captures their imagination and motivates them. The closing date for all entries is the 16th of March 2015. All entries will be judged with the winners receiving a prize and attending an awards event at Warwick University on the 19th of March.

For full details about the project and how to present it then see below.

For the full PowerPoint click here: Science Fair 2015.

For the instructions click here: Half-term project-1

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